Orfebre Goldsmith NYC jeweler biography

My name is Máximo and I am a professional jewelry model maker.

Through my experience and history in jewelry-making, I keep on the top of jewelry trends and am able to provide amazing, quality products at very competitive prices.

I am a Master Model Maker and trained Jewelry Designer, I compose new lines of jewelry, cultivate and expand existing ones, and translate designs submitted by designers and customers interested in creating something unique. I have particular experience in transforming designs from drawings or concepts into an exquisite finished product.

Originally from Chile, the art of carving is a gift that I was born with. As a child I started carving anything I could get my hands on: candles, wood, and chalk. At the age of 18, I started apprenticing in a jewelry shop, eventually learning the basics of jewelry. 

In 1981, I came to the United States, and first worked for two years in a company making models in metal, until I discovered making models in wax. After nearly two years working with a wax Master Model Maker, I began working for myself in 1985. 

To this day I am still discovering new techniques and perfecting my craft, learning new things about carving and jewelry making. I get particular satisfaction working with clients to bring forth their design or concept into a fully realized, finished piece, showing how sometimes even minor changes can make a nice piece a beautiful one.